Strong, safe, and comfortable, District 56 stands a testament to this exciting building material.


We believe economic, social, and environmental sustainability are crucial in community development. That’s why we’re incorporating the use of mass timber, geothermal temperature regulation, electric vehicle charging, and efficient, clean air flow with industry leading raised floor systems at District 56. These initiatives make Terminus a LEED® candidate and the project has been registered with the Canada Green Building Council for certification.


Our innovative mass timber construction methods incorporate wood as the major building material. Significantly lighter than concrete, mass timber is a multi-layer product spanning two directions with precision accuracy resulting in a secure, airtight building solution. Mass timber has proven fire resistance, is safer and faster to construct, and provides excellent structural and seismic performance. This results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower environmental impact compared to typical construction. Wood-based buildings positively impact the psychological and emotional well-being of their occupants.


Terminus integrates a state of the art raised-access floor, creating an environment that emphasizes occupant health, comfort, and productivity while using significantly less energy. This high-performing flooring provides cleaner aesthetics, better access to building systems, and increased usable space by running systems underfoot. By flowing fresh air under the occupant space, air quality is significantly improved, improving the wellness of occupants. A fast and easy installation process results in time and labour savings, drastically reducing lead time to enjoying a fully operational space.

EV Charging

The advent of electric cars has drastically changed the motoring landscape. Many people choose to drive electric vehicles for their reduction in carbon emissions, improvement to public health, and cost efficiency. We’ve designed District 56 with this in mind, installing chargers for the benefit of the community and provisioning for future electrical charging to every stall. In urban areas, the reduction of emissions is greatest, lessening the negative impact of transportation needs on the atmosphere. With less air pollution from cars, air quality has a chance to improve which in turn will lead to improved health. Our chargers are energized by BC Hydro, an electricity source that is an incredible 97% clean.


geothermal SYSTEM

Geothermal systems are one of the most environmentally-friendly temperature regulation systems. Built for longevity, geothermal systems provide the best in comfort and energy efficiency. A geothermal system taps the earth’s natural temperature stability to deliver the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The elimination of fossil fuel use, drawdown of greenhouse gas emissions, and reduction in carbon footprint makes geothermal the top choice for District 56. Geothermal systems will save tenants significant money on heating-cooling bills for years to come.

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